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Documenting The Original 424 Guitar Technique

Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Phan42 (1999) DotFable

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Tuesday, 21 May 2013


"Documenting The Original 424 Guitar Technique."

Started in the Summer of 2012, "424" is a distinct sound that consists of only 4 finger positions, multiplied by 6 strings, yielding 24 notes (Hence why it's called "424"). The fret positions typically follow an XOXXOX pattern.

(Note: In this case, open strings represent the first X). Once you've got the four positions down, start combining them with different strumming & arpeggio patterns and experiment until it sounds the way you like it.

If you like the 424 technique, consider sharing it with other musicians to create new sound combinations; and perhaps submit your own version of the 424 sound in a video response; or just watch my progress of the technique, and maybe leave a comment, subscribe, share etc...

Thanks for Your Time ;)


Thursday, 25 April 2013

50 Album Recommendations

Some music I recommend everyone listen to, if you haven't already done so ;)
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Friday, 15 March 2013

AMVs (Anime Music Videos)

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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Debate: For-Profit vs Not-For-Profit

Abstract Summary:

What is Profit? Do you consider THE424SHOW to be For-Profit? or Not-For-Profit?

The Whole Scenario:

1. Imagine there was a student that applied to a Post-Secondary Institution.
2. Imagine that same student was accepted into a program to learn web design.
3. And finally, Imagine the student spent 2 years studying all the best tips and tricks to creating a website that could entertain the world; they completed their studies; and created said website asking for donations to keep the site running and make a living.

The Problem:

Now imagine that same student wished to promote that same website on a bulletin board at that same Institution.  However, the Institution has a policy that states:
"No posters shall be displayed on this bulletin board, unless they are not-for-profit."

Ethical Questions for Debate:

1. Is the website considered to be For-Profit? or Not-For-Profit?
2. Should the student be allowed to promote said website on the bulletin board?
3. What is Profit? At what surplus are donations considered to be Profit?
At what point are donations considered just-making-ends-meat?

A Closer Look:

Now Imagine this scenario was about THE424SHOW.
What do You think should happen? What do you think will happen?
Note: A significant number of bulletin boards on campus go completely unused.
Leave Your Thoughts in the Comments Section, and consider Sharing the debate with people on Facebook and Twitter (use the buttons below, please)

Thanks for Your Time


Wednesday, 6 March 2013


What is Thought-Logging, exactly?  Well, a Thought-Logger is a program you can use to keep track of all your Thoughts & Ideas. It's similar to keeping a Journal, but with an easy-to-use digital interface; so it's more straight-forward, and more to-the-point. In this way, you can easily record your thoughts and observations so you never miss those million-dollar-ideas. You know the ones I'm talking about :P
Now, I haven't come across a program that meets all my needs, so I created my own-- and you can try it out for yourself below. Not only does it keep Timestamps of your thoughts to pinpoint the exact moment when you came up that amazing idea; but it also provides a wonderful Feedback Loop to expand your ideas much further than the limitations of your short-term memory. I highly recommend everyone does this; not only to become smarter and more intelligent; but also to grow as a person. Say Hello your own mind for me!

Thought-Logger_v1.0, The Original. 
(Click above image to enlarge.)

Download Now 
(Note: Currently only for Windows Computers)

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