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Wednesday, 6 March 2013


What is Thought-Logging, exactly?  Well, a Thought-Logger is a program you can use to keep track of all your Thoughts & Ideas. It's similar to keeping a Journal, but with an easy-to-use digital interface; so it's more straight-forward, and more to-the-point. In this way, you can easily record your thoughts and observations so you never miss those million-dollar-ideas. You know the ones I'm talking about :P
Now, I haven't come across a program that meets all my needs, so I created my own-- and you can try it out for yourself below. Not only does it keep Timestamps of your thoughts to pinpoint the exact moment when you came up that amazing idea; but it also provides a wonderful Feedback Loop to expand your ideas much further than the limitations of your short-term memory. I highly recommend everyone does this; not only to become smarter and more intelligent; but also to grow as a person. Say Hello your own mind for me!

Thought-Logger_v1.0, The Original. 
(Click above image to enlarge.)

Download Now 
(Note: Currently only for Windows Computers)

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