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Monday, 4 February 2013

How do I Donate and make it into the Credits?

To have your name or alias appear on the V.I.P Donator's List (and possibly a chance at the end of a video recording too!), just use the Yellow/Orange Donate Button below (Requires PayPal; the same payment system used by eBay), or use the duplicate button back at the bottom of the list. When prompted, mark the donation with a memo that includes the information you'd like to see on the the V.I.P Donator's List. Then, I'll update the list whenever I get a free moment.

You may provide an online Alias/Nickname, or your Realname, or your Initials, or I'll also accept Sponsorship/Advertisements like your Company Name, Website, or Product.  If initials are provided, they will be placed in (parenthesis).  If you wish for your name to hyperlink to somewhere on the web please say so in a memo or email.  Alternatively, you may also leave ANY information as Anonymous/blank, including donation amount. Your donation will simply be lumped together with the alias "Anonymous" on the list.

Do keep in mind, as more people donate, opportunities to get a good position in the credits may not last.  So. . . not to sound like a salesman, but: Donate Today. And don't forget to email me afterwards for your Free CD download!

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 using the Comments Section below,
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