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Documenting The Original 424 Guitar Technique

Tuesday, 21 May 2013


"Documenting The Original 424 Guitar Technique."

Started in the Summer of 2012, "424" is a distinct sound that consists of only 4 finger positions, multiplied by 6 strings, yielding 24 notes (Hence why it's called "424"). The fret positions typically follow an XOXXOX pattern.

(Note: In this case, open strings represent the first X). Once you've got the four positions down, start combining them with different strumming & arpeggio patterns and experiment until it sounds the way you like it.

If you like the 424 technique, consider sharing it with other musicians to create new sound combinations; and perhaps submit your own version of the 424 sound in a video response; or just watch my progress of the technique, and maybe leave a comment, subscribe, share etc...

Thanks for Your Time ;)


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